Completely safe! The cheat is not embedded in the game,
it will never be discovered!

You can see opponents through walls and other objects, and also see everything that is happening near you with the help of the radar! You will become invulnerable, you will have 6th sense!
Visual and sound elements (ESP) for the CS GO game with streaming, it is not visible on the video stream, it is visible only to you! Super assistant in automatic shooting (Triggerbot, AimBot, RCS, Autopistol). Triggerbot - aim at the enemy and shooting occurs automatically, AimBot - helps to aim, RCS - excellently reduces recoil when firing.

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Settings triggerbot cs go:
Advantage :
  • Triggerbot
  • Flash check
  • RCS
  • Ability to assign the triggerbot to any button
  • Ability to adjust the rate of fire of the triggerbot
  • Limit distance
  • Box
  • Use player status
  • Glow
  • Head
  • RadarHack
  • Crosshair
  • Possibility to set your own color for Highlights or Boxes
  • Read Only - if this option is enabled, then the cheat only READS data from the game and does not write anything to it! Maximum safety!
  • The cheat interface is available in 2 languages - Russian and English
  • The ability to share your config with a friend
    Fast switching between global configs
    Ability to change the color of the cheat menu
    All configs are stored in the cloud, on our server