Подарите себе преимущество в игре Rust с приватным читом Fluent!
СКИДКА каждый день! Специально для тебя! Загляни к нам телеграмм
  • Вы:
    На какой Windows работает чит?
    Поддерживает: Windows 10 / Windows 11 | (Только Официальная версия Windows. Кастомные сборки, инсайдерские и т.п. могут не поддерживаться)
    Поддерживаемые процессоры: Intel и AMD
  • Вы:
    Встроенный спуфер?
  • Вы:
    Что нужно сделать для запуска чита?
    Обязательно нужно отключить все защитники Windows
    Отключить а лучше удалить Антивирусы на подобии Касперский и т.д
    Поддерживаемые режимы игры: Безрамочный, Полноэкранный

    Запуск с USB
    Secure Boot
    Disabled Fast
    Boot Disabled
    Hyper-V disabled (на некоторых ПК возможно потребуется отключить Виртуализацию)
  • Функция:
    AimBot (Стрельба)
    Aimbot Types: Normal, Silent, Manipulation
    Draw FOV Circle: Visualize the aimbot’s field of view for precise targeting.
    Smoothness: Control the aiming movement for natural and seamless tracking.
    Aim Spot: Choose the specific body part to target for increased accuracy.
    Auto Shoot: Automatically fire when the aimbot locks onto a target.
    Rapid Fire: Increase your shooting rate for rapid takedowns.
    Bullet TP: Improve accuracy by accounting for bullet travel time.
    Patrol Heli Bullet TP: Optimize targeting for mounted targets.
    nstant Hit: Ensure immediate hits when aiming at foes.
    Auto Shoot Wait For Instant Hit: Time shots perfectly for instant hit registration.
  • Функция:
    Players: Name, Box, Health Bar, Distance, Skeleton
    Active Item: Icons, Game Names, and Shortened Names for quick identification.
    Don’t Draw Friendly Option: Prevent rendering visuals for friendly players.
    Friendly Color Override: Customize the visual representation of friendly players.
    Enemy Color Override: Customize the visual representation of enemy players.
    Hotbar: Easily view the items in your character’s hotbar.
    Sleepers: Identify sleeping players for strategic purposes.
    Radar: Enable radar tracking of players, sleepers, and wounded characters.
    NPCs: Name, Box, Health Bar, Distance, Skeleton
    Animals: Name, Icons, Health Bar, Distance
    Vehicles: Name, Icons, Health Bar, Distance
    Ores: Name, Distance
    Collectibles: Name, Distance
    Stash: Name, Distance
    Crates: Name, Distance
    AI: Name, Health Bar, Distance (Cargo, Patrol Heli, Bradley)
    Corpses: Name, Distance (Player Corpses, Player Backpacks)
    Deployables: Name, Distance (Tool Cupboards, All Workbenches, Sleeping bags)
    Items: Name, Distance (Melee Weapons, Tier 1/2/3 Weapons, Explosives, Resources, ▸ Tools, Medical, Ammo, Other)
    Traps: Name, Distance (Shotgun Trap, Flame Turret, SAM Site, Auto Turrets, Bear Traps, Landmines)
    Show Authorized Traps: Display authorized traps for better base defense.
    Raids: Name, Distance (All Raid Items, Seconds of Last Raid Item)
    Bright Cave:
    Edit Night: Modify night settings for better gameplay.
    Night Ambient Multiplier
    Change Night Ambient Color
  • Функция:
    Admin Flag: Enable admin privileges for special access.
    Block Server Commands: Prevent unauthorized server command usage.
    Auto Upgrade: Automatically upgrade structures when materials are available.
    Disable On Running Out of Material: Stop specified actions when resources are depleted.
    Disable After (X) Seconds: Set a timer to disable certain features after a defined duration.
    Desync: Adjust desynchronization settings for better gameplay performance.
    On Key Max Desync Override: Override maximum desync time with a specific key input.
    Max on Desync Time, Desync Mode: Configure maximum desync time and mode settings.
    Disable When In Air, Disable When Moving, Disable When Mounted: Disable features during specific player actions.
    Instant Loot: Automatically loot items without delays.
    Loot Stashes Without Unhiding: Collect items from stashes without revealing their location.
    No Screen Shake: Disable screen shaking effects during certain events.
    Always Hit Hot Spot: Improve hit detection when targeting critical areas.
    Silent Farm: Farm resources quietly to avoid drawing attention.
    Auto Farm Barrels: Automatically gather resources from barrels for efficient farming.
    Create Your Own Config/Use Someone Else’s Config: Save personalized configurations for future use.
    Save and Load Config: Store and retrieve customized settings easily.
  • Функция:
    View Model Hand Chams:
    View Model Weapon Chams
    Recoil Y, Recoil X, Aim cone
    No Spread, No Sway
    Force Automatic
    Faster Bullets
    Instant Eoka
    Fast Bow
    Instant Compound Charge
    Auto Reload, Faster Auto Reload: Automate and expedite the reload process.
    Wield Items While Mounted
    Better Penetration
    Hit Override: Override hit detection for headshots and chest shots.
    Hit Override Patrol Heli: Override hit detection for better targeting on patrol helicopters.
    Silent Melee
    Weapon Spam: Rapidly fire weapons for enhanced combat efficiency.
    No Fall Damage
    Infinite Jump
    Jesus Mode: Walk on water surfaces without sinking.
    Omni-sprint: Run sideways to confuse opponents during combat.
    Anti Fly-hack Kick: Protect against cheating by detecting fly hacks.
    Prevent Cheat Detected: Implement anti-cheat mechanisms to deter cheating attempts.
    Noclip Collisions, No Tree Collisions, No Player Collisions: Overcome collision limitations for smoother movement.
    Interactive Debug with Shoot Indicators: Receive visual cues for optimal shooting opportunities.
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